Herb Brooks, Freelance Graphic Designer

I’m a freelance graphic designer living and working in Houston. I currently do work for a variety of corporate and private clients in addition to several personal projects I never seem to have enough time for.

A Little History

I’m not really “god” as in THE God…of religion. It is a metaphorical reference to mythological deities I came up with as a unique and identifiable screen name in the early days of the (then still fairly anonymous) public-use internet.

I’ve drawn, painted and generally been creative since I was able to hold something to be creative with. I always had a fascination with printed media that has matured along with my deep appreciation for digital media.

While working as a screen printer and part-time t-shirt designer in 1996, I realized my childhood dream of drawing in a computer had come true. Not having my own computer at the time, after work I pored over software manuals and books about printing, designing for print, printing processes and any other related topics I could find. During work-day breaks, at lunch and in the evenings I would put to use what I learned reading manuals at night. This led to my rapid employment in printing companies as a prepress technician, graphic designer, and production manager.

I started doing freelance graphic design in 2009. Matching the production knowledge and experience I gained with natural creativity to work more closely with clients bringing their visual ideas to life.