Graphic Design Workflow

I often get questions about the graphic design process. It differs from designer to designer, but my core approach to graphic design revolves around working closely with the client to ensure the right marketing message reaches the right audience My primary working process is outlined below.

Client Interview

Information Gathering

A great thing about graphic design is that almost every project is different. To create the best design for a project requires knowledge of the audience, product or service and the company providing the product or service. Without these elements, a cohesive design is difficult to achieve. To make this information gathering easier, a Design Brief is normally prepared. At the following link, you can see an example of and download my Client Design Brief. Once a design brief has been done, the graphic design process can continue.

Research and Initial Design

Most designs require some research. ALL designs require elements that need to be collected, cleaned up, created, sized, colored, corrected and arranged into a rough idea of what the final design will be. Images, logos, any text copy go along with the creativity and inspiration, coalescing into a project that is ready for the client to review.

Initial Client Presentation and Proofing

Project Design Presentation

Discuss corrections, alterations and other edits

Editing of Layout, Copy and Images

Editing and refinement process begins

Final Project Designs & Art Development

Final Proofing

Digital Deliverables

Printed Collateral

Delivery and Post-production

A design project does not end with final production or output. All design files are archived on hard-copy disc. I remain available for any future questions or other production matters which may arise.

While I retain the right to use a design for my own portfolio and promotion, the client has an exclusive right to copies of all files used in the design process. These will be offered via FTP and on hard media such as Optical discs or portable storage devices.