High Quality Graphic Design


Modern software like Photoshop and even daily-use business tools like word-processing software make it possible for almost anyone to be a “graphic designer”. The end results, while often perfect for weekend bake sales, usually leave something to be desired when it comes to effective business marketing. As they say, would you rather a mechanic or a brain surgeon to work on your car? Great looking, high impact graphic design plays a very important role in marketing any product, service or organization. A truly creative graphic designer works closely with clients to develop marketing and advertising materials that deliver their message with consistent branding and mind-blowing design. Several reasons powerful graphic design can improve your marketing:

  • Attractive and creative graphic design grabs and holds the attention of your target audience or market.
  • Makes marketing campaigns readable and engaging.
  • Expands upon existing brand and name recognition.
  • Inspires a call to action that sells a product or service.


Those three words are what differentiates me from most graphic designers. I have designed and produced print, marketing and advertising collateral for almost every type of business over nearly two decades in the graphic design and print production industry.

No two businesses are alike in their marketing and advertising design needs, except in their need for it in general.


When designing a project, other possible output media need to be considered. The best graphic design can be quickly repurposed for multiple marketing needs. Images, copy and color schemes can be saved and shared between applications, enabling consistently awesome graphic design for any media. Whether the end uses are trade show displays, signs, banners, web advertising, pay-per-click ads, postcards or an entire CMS based website, your marketing design and identity should extend consistently and easily across all media.


With a strong focus on client-driven, personalized service, I will work with you to expand your business with insightful and creative marketing and advertising graphic design. I will design cost-effective marketing material that looks great and will provide a return on your investment without draining your budget. More information about my creative graphic design process and graphic design workflow can be found on the FAQ Page. Call 312.513.0403 or contact me today for an estimate on your graphic design, wide-format signs, banners or printing project.