Frequently Asked Questions

My graphic design clients often ask a number of similar questions. Here are some of the more common ones asked and some simplified and hopefully understandable answers. Before I get to the FAQ, i would like to add one thing about speculative work…


Speculative work is design work that is shown to a client prior to any commitment to project in hopes of acquiring the commission. I don’t play games like this with my clients. My time, decades of education, creative effort and quality production are what clients are hiring, not the “Greatest Chef.” This does not mean I do not do CONCEPTUAL work, it just means I don’t do it for free on a vague hope of being “liked” more than another designer doing the same work. If you have further questions about what is or is not “speculative” work, please contact me as I’m sure we can work something out towards the greater goal of an outstanding design.

I’m not sure where to start…
How does the graphic design process work?

Contact or call me. I will listen to your needs, help evaluate the best options for your graphic design project and get the ball rolling. Some graphic design jobs may seem a little daunting without professional graphic designers. We can look at things in unique and creative ways, offering solutions that you may not have thought about.

What kind of graphic design services do you provide?

I offer a wide range of graphic design services for corporate amd private clients. Please visit the services page for a more detailed description of what I can do to benefit your company.

What do you charge for graphic design services?

The cost for any design project is affected by a number of factors, some of which are size and scope of project, content, the end output or distribution methods and scheduling constraints. An oversimplified analogy is that a business card would cost less than a 24 page brochure. Or you can call and ask. You may be surprised at how affordable marketing your business, product or service can be.

The best thing is do is CONTACT ME FOR AN ESTIMATE.

What types of payment do you accept?

Precious metal bullion, major credit/debit cards, cash and paypal are payment methods accepted. In some cases other payment methods may be arranged. (I’m not joking about the precious metal.) Depending on the client and project, a project start fee may be required. This will be outlined in the project quote.

What is the client’s involvement in the graphic design process?

I work closely with clients from a project’s inception until final delivery is complete. Some projects (and clients) are more “hands-on” than others. Please see the WORKFLOW page for more detail.

How do I check on the progress of my graphic design project?

Please feel free to call, text or email at any time during the duration of your graphic design project. Proofing is normally done via email with PDF files. Other proofing arrangements are possible if necessary. After the project is completed, I am still available to answer any questions you may have.

How will I receive my completed graphic design project?

Completed Graphic design projects that have digital deliverables are sent via email, FTP transfer or physical media to both the client and production vendor as per the project’s agreement. Your files are also archived by on hard-copy and digital storage for future re-use or re-purposing.

Who owns the copyright for work has done for me?

My work is ultimately your work, once it has been paid for. I do retain the right to use some designs for promotional purposes. I take great care to ensure that any collateral featured in work promoting the design work of does not reveal any personal client information such as home or cell phone numbers and private email addresses.

I need something designed FAST. Can you help me?

Sometimes, depending on the complexity and time involved. some projects are just too large to complete if started late. Additional charges often apply to re-prioritize a graphic design project and requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.